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Good Foundations, Good Work

We practice workplace law at SWL – workplace law orients our legal strategy to truly integrate with your workplace, understand your values, and create solutions that lead to good people and good work in your organization. Our clients are leaders in human resources, committed to creating the best workplaces in Canada.

Our Approach

The SWL approach is to create supports for people and structures within an organization that inspire individual contribution and advancement, as well as enable collaborative efforts that foster innovative gains.

We believe that creating supportive foundational structures enables leadership, teams and organizations to thrive – even in times of disruption – so that potential organizational challenges may be repurposed into opportunities.

Our Values

The SWL Values of Service, Wellness and Legacy are integral to the above approach;

We ensure that our legal expertise protects and creates opportunities for both people organizations and their people, seeking always to be of service to our clients and communities. Our goal is to help our clients create and sustain positive growth.

We believe that working in a healthy and happy environment creates opportunities for organizations and people to be their best and we embody those values, fostering healthy practices that drive better decisions in all areas.

We believe in building legacy through enacting sustainability, promoting diversity, and ensuring inclusion. We understand that diverse teams are stronger and more resilient, increasing their capability to deliver excellence.

The SWL Difference

The SWL difference is our focus on ‘good people, good work’.

This is a reflection of our firm and our clients – people who are committed to leading practices that create the best workplaces in Canada. We bring a team of lawyers, human resources experts, and innovation design to address your organizational needs. Whether your organization is starting up, growing, or wants to reset its workplace practices, our team is ready to help you take the next step.

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