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SWL Values

Good People, Good Values

At Seabrook Workplace Law, we help to create good places to work, for everyone.

Years of expertise with both employers and employees in various types of organizations have culminated in the knowledge that shared processes and structures – supported by legal foundations – serve to enable both individuals and companies to thrive.

That is why at SWL, we are truly proud to live our values in our practice, as well as in our work.

The SWL Values are:


We are of service to our clients and our community.

We use our legal expertise to enable, protect, and create opportunities for people and organizations to grow and thrive. We seek to provide only the best client care, truly integrating with you and your legal matter.


We practice law in a healthy and happy environment.

We embody and live our values, exercising and implementing healthy practices for our team, our clients, and community outreach initiatives. We understand that happy people make better decisions, which enables success and growth – both personally, and professionally.
Wellness includes the wellness of our planet. SWL creates and implements green systems into our legal practice.


As legal professionals, we recognize our special responsibility for promoting equality, diversity and inclusion in our practice and in our community. We are committed to creating inclusive workplaces in Canada.

We strive daily to create a legacy of diversity and inclusion for our team, our clients, and our community. We understand that together we are stronger, more resilient, more capable, and better equipped to deliver excellence.

We bring these values to our client interactions, whether they are to help build organizational foundations, resolve current workplace challenges, or enable innovative processes. We are happy to offer support and advise on how best to proceed to de-risk, resolve and overcome any current growth opportunities your organization may have.